Vigor 手套箱

Vigor 手套箱

產品名稱: Vigor 手套箱
產品型號: GLB
供應商: 育亨科技有限公司
產地名稱: 美國
更新時間: 2016/7/28 上午 09:34:00
地址: 新竹縣竹北市光明六路東一段245號11樓
郵編: 320
所在區域: 北部.桃園縣
電話: 03-658-9866
聯系人: 李昱寬
公司展臺: 點擊進入

Vigor 手套箱詳細資料

● Main Chamber:SUS304
● Model
             ◎ (A)SG 1200 / 750 mm

             ◎ (B)SG 1200 / 1000 mm
             ◎ (C)SG 2400 / 750 mm
             ◎ (D)SG 2400 / 1000 mm
● Antechamber:SUS304 370mm(D) X 600(L)
● Mini Antechamber:SUS304 100mm(D) X 300mm(L)
● Glovebox
   Stainless steel [SUS 304], thickness 3mm;
welded side 

● Antechamber
   Stainless steel [SUS 304],&Phi370,length 600mm,thickness 3mm;welded
   onto Side panel,leak-free;readily removable sliding tray

● Mini Antechamber
   Stainless steel [SUS 304],&Phi100mm,length 300mm,thickenss 3mm;
   welded onto side panel,leak-free;removable tray

● Support Frame
   Height adjustable from 915mm to 975mm

● Feedthrough Connectors
   Four standard KF40 connectors for customer use

● Shelves
   Two storage shelves can be used to store samples and small labware

● Castors
   Convenient for moving

● Control Panel
   Color touch screen. The graphical interface makes the use of the 
   glovebox easier than ever. Illustrative color graphics indicates
   the working states of the components of the glovebox

● Power Supply
   Single phase 110V,60HZ or Single phase 220V,50HZ

● Oxygen Analyzer
   PLC integrated, enabling auto-circulation of the purifier

● Moisture Analyzer
   PLC integrated, enabling auto-circulation of the purifier

● Impurity Level
   O2 < 1PPM;H2O < 1PPM;O2 < 0.1PPM;H2O < 0.1PPM

● Overall leak rate
   < 2PPM O2/hr or <0.001 vol/hr;Lowest leak rate in the Industry,
   extends the regeneration interval and purifyier''''s life

● Upgrade Gas Purification System
   O2 < 0.1PPM;H2O < 0.1PPM
Vigor Sci-Lab Gloveboxs Unique and Improved Standard Features

● Patented seal technology
   No-leak seals

● Ultra-low overall leak rate
   < 2PPM O2/hr or 0.001 vol/hr;lowers regeneration frequency to
   about one a year

● On demand circuladtion system
   Controlled by oxygen and moisture sensors;runs only about 5min/hr

● Antomatic daily test of overall leakage
   Alerts users to possible glove or seal damages

● No cooling water required
   Eliminates plumbing and avoids flooding

● Color touch screen panel
   User-friendly control interface

Chemistry software on touch screen panel

育亨科技有限公司 [訪問展臺]
 地址:   新竹縣竹北市光明六路東一段245號11樓  連絡人: 李昱寬
 郵遞區號: 320  電話: 03-658-9866
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